My son loves to be active but he’s not all that competitive. The coaches did an excellent job making sure all the kids, regardless of ability level, had a great time. They were such fun to be around, it didn’t matter what activity they chose - the kids had a great time doing it! You’ve chosen a quality coaching staff.
This was the first time my kids are experiencing Matt Paul. Before coming, both kids complained that a sports camp was not going to be fun. I’m glad they are wrong! The have had a wonderful time and look forward to camp each day. Thank you.
All of the coaches do a great job of helping the kids develop skills that kids wouldn’t develop on their own in the schoolyard. During game situations they stop the game at the right moments and the right number of times to teach the players what they did right or wrong so that they can learn from it. Coaches are very patient with the kids. Coaches make it fun with skill competitions, humor and games.
Focus on fundamentals and fun as well as positive sportsmanship. The programs seems completely consistent with everything we read about youth sports. All of the principles you could ever want in your student-athlete are there and we recommend Matt Paul all the time!”
Love the energy and program our son rally enjoying it - more photos and feedback on what they’re actually doing each day/week so we can reinforce at home or discuss (great text from a coach this week) would be wonderful!
My daughter is self conscious that sports aren’t her thing but this week she had a ball, always felt comfortable and encouraged. It was a great week and a boost to her confidence.