Due to the overwhelming success of last year, we are excited to announce the expansion of our Masters Leader Program curriculum for boys and girls ages 12-15.

“Avery is looking forward to participating in the Masters Leadership program again this summer. She loves working and playing with the kids. She loves the responsibility and I feel it gave her a sense of pride and helped her with her self confidence.” -Elizabeth Frazee

Our Masters Level, ages 12-15, require special coaching at this age and we have created a unique program to help them build leadership and sports skills.

Participants will learn:
How to:

  • Set SMART goals for the week
  • Assist and work as a team of coaches and Master Leaders 
  • Manage and lead small groups
  • Create, teach and coach others during a week of Matt Paul Summer Camp.

Participants will receive:

  • Training & Evaluation
  • Mentorship
  • Community

Our Master Leader Program is designed to push these talented young athletes to become better than even they previously believed possible. It is time for these young adults to step out of their comfort zone, push the limits and develop into great leaders.

“We chose to enroll our daughter, Maddi, in Matt Paul Sports Masters Leader Program this summer. At 13, Maddi is feeling too old to be a camper, but she is young and inexperienced and not ready for a summer job. The Masters Leader Program will allow her to be a counselor in training, fine tune her athletic skills, and develop her leadership skills. We believe that this unique program will help her flourish on and off the field.” -Liz Harris


Players must submit an email to with three reasons why they are interested in this program.

Not everyone who applies will be accepted.
Once accepted, these players will have the opportunity to enroll.


If interested in multiple weeks, a reduced rate will apply.

Thank you for your interest in this special program.

*Only a limited number of openings each week.*

More info on our Master Leader Program here. Questions? Email us at