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Philly Philly - We All Need A Cheerleader

Philly Philly - We All Need A Cheerleader

I'm so proud to be a Philadelphian, and always have.  Philly is tough, rugged, blue collar, and we like it that way.  Having experienced my own share of failures and disappointments, I especially appreciate the story line of Nick Foles. By now, you know that before the season Nick thought about giving up on his NFA dream.  Someone, along the way, told him not to, and thank God they did.  Nick shined, and delivered Philadelphians a Super Bowl victory. Click here to read more.

It reminds me of how important it is for people to have cheerleaders.  As human beings, we all have doubts and struggles, regardless of what your facebook page says, a line from Nick Foles himself. 

Action Step: Find someone in your world who needs a word or two of encouragement.  The key is to ask good questions, and simply listen.  Take deep breath and let them know you believe in them, especially when they are your kids.

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