Game Summary:

The MPFL returned with a bang Thursday after a two week hiatus. Tristan Loder led the Kansas City Chiefs to a 21-14 win over Matthew Lee and the Buffalo Bills. The Kansas City Captain led by example with a big TD catch from Jack Krzywicki, a.k.a. “Iron Jack”, who also had a huge game of his own. Jack was all over the field with two TD passes, an interception, and an amazing kick. Sign him up for the punt, pass and kick competition while you’re at it! What an athlete! James Lee had a huge game for Buffalo with three big receptions. He also ran the ball well after the catch and showed off his arm when he was asked to play QB. Ethan Nienhuis was a defensive specialist for KC, making deflections and big plays all over the field, including a fumble recovery that changed the game. Finn Canally had another huge game for the Chiefs as well, with a TD pass, TD catch and TD run. Jacob Scoble definitely came to play and displayed  effort and determination throughout the game. He had a couple good blocks, and a couple that got called back as penalties, but he had great energy and physicality that Buffalo fed off of. Lastly, it was Coach Sean’s last game of the season. He did an amazing job all year and he will be greatly missed these last three weeks by players, coaches, and officials alike. Players from both teams showed great effort and sportsmanship: (Liam Ambrose, Max Endriss, Jackson Stanley, Jack Forti, Bobby Mullen, Matthew Lee, Sean Thorell).

Game Ball: Finn Canally/Jack Krzywicki

-Matt Paul Coach/Staff Writer Andrew Kind

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