Game Summary:

The MPFL was cancelled due to inclement weather on Thursday. But the MPDL and the MPBL were on and in full effect. Jake Donovan led the Philadelphia Phillies over Liam Ambrose and the Philadelphia Eagles three games to two in dodgeball. Matthew Lee made the first half-court shot in Matt Paul Dodgeball League history to get his whole team back in the game, and they won that game. When it came to basketball, Finn Canally was putting it work. He was getting to the hoop at will and spreading the ball around to his teammates as well. While they lost the dodgeball portion, his Eagles won the basketball portion 7-3. Players from both teams showed great effort and sportsmanship: (Jack Krzywicki, Jacob Scoble, James Lee, Jackson Stanley, Bobby Mullen, Max Endriss, Ethan Nienhuis, Jack Forti and Tristan Loder).

Game Ball: Finn Canally/ Matthew Lee

-Matt Paul Coach/Staff Writer Andrew Kind