Game Summary:

The MPFL resumed it’s season on thursday in what turned out to be a mud bowl of sorts. Not only did players get beat up on the field, but several were worried about their moms killing them when they got home. The Los Angeles Rams, led by captain Jacob Scoble, took on the hometown Philadelphia Eagles and captain James Lee. Players were slipping and sliding all over the place and the Rams took full advantage in the run game. Ethan Nienhuis, star running back for the Rams, had a huge game. In fact, he is rumored to be taking Todd Gurley’s starting position next season. LA’s team captain Jacob Scoble also had a td run. The game ended in a 21-21 tie, as the Rams star QB Tristan Loder led his team down the field to score with no time left on the clock. The Eagles got big games from brothers Sam and Ryan Smith, as well as seasoned veteran Finn Canally. Finn had two incredible plays that were unfortunately called back because of penalties, but that didn’t stop him from putting up impressive numbers on both sides of the ball with one td and one interception. There was great effort and sportsmanship shown by players on both teams: (Liam Ambrose, Matt Lee, Jack Forti, Nico Pizzichini  and Jackson Stanley).

Game Ball: Finn Canally

-Matt Paul Coach/Staff Writer Andrew Kind