Game Summary:

It was another thrilling thursday in the MPFL. Max Eagland led the Cleveland Browns to a big win over the Seattle Seahawks and their captain Finn Canally, 28-21. It was a high-scoring affair with each team moving the ball effectively on offense. Ultimately, Cleveland’s Jack Forti was just too much with an impressive four TD passes. There are rumors floating around that he could be replacing Baker Mayfield next season. Other notable contributions  were made by Max Endriss who had a big TD reception for the Browns, Mason Eagland with a big special teams kick return TD for Seattle, and Bobby Mullen with a TD reception for Cleveland. All Players on both teams showed great effort and sportsmanship:(Liam Ambrose, Matt Lee, Jack Krzywicki, Ethan Niennhuis, Jacob Scoble, Jackson Stanley, Tristan Loder, and James Lee.

Game Ball: Jack Forti

-Matt Paul Coach/Staff Writer Andrew Kind