Game Summary:

Once again, due to inclement weather, the MPFL cancelled all the games on the schedule. However, the Matt Paul Basketball League, a.k.a the MPBL was not affected in the beautiful NFA facilities. The Philadelphia 76ers, led by team captain Finn Canally, took on Tristan Loder and the Golden State Warriors. The two heavyweights slugged it out; making play after play, hitting shot after shot. The game ended in a tie. Both teams wanted to continue, but their homework wasn’t gonna do itself. The game balls went to Golden State’s Ethan Nienhuis and philly’s own Jack Forti who showed excellent hustle on offense and defense and got their teammates involved. There was great effort and sportsmanship shown by both teams: (Liam Ambrose, Max Endriss, Jack Krzywicki, Ryan smith, Sam Smith, Matt Lee, James Lee, Bobby Mullen, Ethan Nienhuis, Jacob Scoble and Jackson Stanley).

Game Ball: Jack Forti/Ethan Nienhuis

-Matt Paul Coach/Staff Writer Andrew Kind