Game Summary:

Due to inclement weather, the MPFL cancelled all the games on the schedule. However, the Matt Paul Dodgeball League, a.k.a the MPDL was not affected in the NFA gymnasium. In the game/underdog story of the year, Nico Pizzichini needed to win to keep the gym open. He did! He lead his Average Joes to a victory over Mason Eagland’s older, and more experienced Globo Gym. Both teams demonstrated the 5 d’s of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and …….dodge. They learned these from the legendary Matt Paul a.k.a Matty O’Houlihan. There was great effort and sportsmanship shown by both teams: (Liam Ambrose, Finn Canally, Max Endriss, Jack Krzywicki, Tristan Loder, Matt Lee, Bobby Mullen, Ethan Nienhuis, Max Eagland, Jacob Scoble and Jackson Stanley).

Author’s note: Some team names and references are fictional and soley used for the entertainment of the readers.

Game Ball: Bobby Mullen

-Matt Paul Coach/Staff Writer Andrew Kind

Here is a clip from the movie, Dodgeball!