Game Summary: 

In week 2 of the MPFL, we had another instant classic. The Philadelphia Eagles battled the Minnesota Vikings in the City of Brotherly Love, and there was no love lost between brothers Max and Mason Eagland. Both teams were scoring at will led by the above-mentioned Max and Mason, including two impressive TD grabs by the Viking’s Mason that should be on Sportscenter. However, both defenses tightened up late in the game and an interception by The Eagle’s Max gave his team the ball back with time running out in a tie game. The play of the game and the game-winning play was a short slant from Philly’s own Nico Pizzichini to Ryan Smith with all zeros on the clock to give the Birds the win, 35-28. The TD celebration of the game went to the Eagles who brought out the “Underdog” masks after their first score, which got the crowd jumping! There was great effort and sportsmanship shown by Liam Ambrose, Finn Canally, Max Endriss, Jack Forti, Jack Krzywicki, James Lee, Matt Lee, Bobby Mullen, Sam Smith, Ethan Nienhuis and Jackson Stanley. 

Game Ball: Nico Pizzichini/Ryan Smith

-Matt Paul Coach/Staff Writer-Andrew Kind