Game summary:

In week one of the 2019 Matt Paul Football League, otherwise known as the M.P.F.L. The New Orleans Saints defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in a thriller, 14-7. Saint’s team captain, Tristan Loder had the play of the game with a pick-six as the Eagles were on the goal line trying to score with time running out. Philadelphia’s own Finn Cannally had some incredible catches early on as well to put the pressure on New Orleans. Incredible game with great sportsmanship and effort by all players ( Bobby Mullen, Jack Forti, Jack Krzywicki, Jackson Stanley, Jacob Scoble, Liam Ambrose, and Maximillian Endriss, Levi Boles, Matt Lee, Ethan Neinhaus, Thomas Woodson) to start the new year and the new season off right.

Game Ball: Tristian Loder

 -Matt Paul Coach/Staff Writer-Andrew Kind