The NBA season began this week, and basketball players are looking forward to playing ball.  Regardless of the age or level of play, there are three simple things to remember when playing or trying out for a team.  

1. Stand out

Find a way to stand out in a positive way.  Use your voice and talk to your teammates.  Be loud!  "I got ball", "Help left", "Shot" are just a few things that all players can say when playing.  Avoid standing out in a negative way, like when you are you the last one to the huddle or the baseline when the coach.  You can also stand out by practicing extra free throws or layups at the end of practice.

2. "Be a star in your role"

To borrow a phrase from former Bulls and Sixers Head Coach, Doug Collins, for a team to work each player must play their role.  Coaches look for players who will have a team-first mentality, who help others score the ball.  Especially if you are a rebounder or screener, have that be a focus in the tryout.

3. Smile & Have Fun

Playing a sport is supposed to be fun.  Get to the tryout early and introduce yourself to the coachesWhile playing, have fun and smile. Say "Nice Pass" when someone hits you with an assist, or say "Good Shot" when a teammate scores. Coaches will notice that you are fun to have on the team.  When they are deciding, that could make the difference.

Good luck,

Coach Matt

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