Rookie Basketball Programs are the foundation for learning to develop the love of sports.   

Rookie Basketball Programs are the foundation for learning to develop the love of sports.


Parents often ask us about the difference between travel and local recreation programs.  They fear they will miss out on the path. The answer is not always simple or clear.

  • Given our experience with youth sports over the past twenty years, people also often: When it's appropriate time for your child to start sports.  Answering when to start and what kind of program to choose are not always clear. There are many choices for parents to decipher.
  • Our experience has been that at the age of five, kids are at school learning different sports and games in their physical education classes.  In our programs, we start at age five and have found most kids are ready at this age.  Travel ball may be an option for you for soccer at the age of seven or eight, depending upon your offering.
  • We also believe that the environment that your child plays, matters.  We believe in a fun, high energy environment, with great coaching and games.  We believe in a one-hour formula of fundamentals mixed with game play.  We believe that kids learn the most and the best when they are having fun.  
  • The most important thing is to listen to your child. They will tell you or show you when they are having fun, and it takes time to know the difference.  If you've found the wrong environment, it makes sense to find something new instead of teaching the value staying with something until the end.  

If you are looking for upcoming basketball or indoor soccer programs, we have a few options for you.

  • Click here for upcoming Saturday morning Springfield Township Rookie Basketball Programs

(*As an aside, a store like Five Below offers an inexpensive way for you or your child  to buy equipment.  In fact, for youth basketball, we believe that having two (inexpensive) basketballs and practicing with a ball in each hand is an efficient and fun way for kids to learn how to dribble.)