There’s a little girl in our camp this week named Finley.  She’s five and a half. Before this week, Finley would have chosen to do things in her free time such as play with dolls, sing/play the piano, or color.  She enrolled in this week of All Sports Camp with us, because she wanted to be with her Daddy.  Finley is my daughter and of course that makes her my best friend.

Yesterday, she hung out with me after camp, as I spent an hour with two of our young coaches doing their own training.  About half-way through the hour, Finley was looking for an activity and picked up a lacrosse stick and started to throw a ball against a wall.  Then she picked up a basketball and began to shoot on the 10′ rim.  In thirty minutes, she made six shots! She was very excited, and I was proud.

We have a hoop at home (of course) and she has never shown this level of interest–and we haven’t pushed her, working off her cues. After making the 6 shots, she was so excited and eager to tell her brother and mother ALL about it when we arrived home.  She stated her new goal was to make 10 shots by the end of the week.

Before bed, she said she wanted to shoot some more hoops, a stall tactic perhaps-kids can get awfully creative with these around bedtime- but out we went to our driveway hoop. She was serious and determined. She made four more shots to reach her goal of ten!  And then….she wanted MORE, and set a new goal of 20…. and, after a lot of effort and many missed shots to go along with those she made, she achieved her goal. 20 shots!